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Automatic resolution in digital channels, as your best agent would do

Automation with empathy: ChatGPT converts communication to natural language and categorizes it, and Schaman orchestrates the contextualization process in real-time and resolves automatically the customer need. A powerful symbiosis in customer service


Improve your efficiency in digital channels without losing empathy with your customers

  • Multiply x100 the resolution capabilities of your self-service channels
  • Eliminate the need to have a team of agents in the Back Office dealing with the customers’ needs.
  • Connect the conversational capabilities of ChatGPT with the contextualization of your business that Schaman provides.
  • Why have BackOffice agents dedicated only to redirecting to specialists?

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Automatically solve any need of your customer, be it simple or complex, controlling the risk of the conversation

A self-care that understands and resolves beyond the simple

Don't limit yourself to solving general customer queries in your digital channels. Schaman and ChatGPT allow you to generate optimal customer care experiences with which you can solve requests, problems, or complaints from your customers in an automated and personalized way for each particular situation.

Eliminate the need for Back Office agents by handling requests from digital channels

Achieve a fluid and optimal conversation for diagnosis and resolution, optimized for your business and the specific situation of the interacting customer. Resolve the incident or request automatically through the digital channel chosen by the customer.

And in case of needing specific knowledge, it allows Schaman + ChatGPT to detect it and escalate it to the group of agents specialized in the scope of the customer's problem.

Schaman eliminates the risk of uncontrolled conversations

Maximize the power of ChatGPT in understanding the dialogue with your customers, with Schaman controlling the scope of the conversation. The perfect fusion in customer care: technology with a human touch.

Solve your customers' problems or requests within the context of your business and that of each individual customer.

Easy Setup

Forget complexity and create self-service experiences easily. Connect your support channels to Schaman + ChatGPT through a fully modular process to meet your priorities.

Start with your most relevant channels and types of interactions and grow your automation capacity without limit, improving the quality of resolution.


Forget the complexity.
Create automated customer service experiences in a simple way

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