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Schaman software allows you to focus on the root cause of your customers' problems

Let Schaman's technology orchestrate the best resolution path for your customers in real time and take your Customer Service to the next level.

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Automated root cause prediction. Reduce the effort of your customers and gain efficiency

Schaman minimizes the information needed by the customer to determine the root cause of their contact, in more than 60% of cases is able to determine the cause, without asking the customer.

Upon contact from a customer, Schaman's algorithms automatically orchestrate access to relevant information to determine the likely cause of the customer contact. This cause can still be validated with the customer, to ensure the quality of the attention process.


Make your customers feel special with personalized resolutions

In a simple way, Schaman allows you to create resolutions that are personalized in real time to the context of each customer, considering their problem, their profile, even their previous history.

You can also identify different resolutions for the same root cause, and learn which one is more effective depending on the context of the customer.


Offer a consistent experience across all your channels seamlessly

Schaman allows you to publish root cause-based diagnosis and resolution to any of your digital channels. The logic and control of the customer journey during resolution remains centralized.

Schaman allows you to offer complete and consistent experiences in channels such as ivr, bots, whatsapp, call center, stores, etc. with minimal effort and full control through omnichannel analytics.


Anticipate your customers and activate proactivity in a simple way

In-depth knowledge of the root causes of your customers' contacts leads you directly to consider how you can anticipate them and prevent them from having to contact you.

Schaman helps you deepen your understanding of root causes, and allows you to easily create automated proactive policies that engage with your customers and solve potential issues in advance.


Learning and Analytics. Don't let the symptoms hide the root cause

Schaman helps you focus on the root cause of customer contacts, to achieve two main goals: maximize efficiency and boost customer satisfaction during resolution. But beyond that, allows to learn about the origin of the root causes to mitigate or eliminate them directly. And so, reducing the impact on customers and therefore the volume of contacts.

With each interaction Schaman analytics automatically record the data of the customer's context, to allow the detection, resolution and elimination of root causes.


Forget unmanageable workflows. Easy to set up and maintain

Easily characterize your initial root causes, define resolution options and let the technology work for you, creating the optimal service paths for each customer in real time.

Learn new causes, publish on all channels with a click and measure the efficiency of your resolutions in a simple and scalable way.


Use Cases

A unique concept, multiple use cases

Schaman's core capabilities, around the concept of root cause based automation, enable different and impactful use cases for our customers.