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Call center optimization

Make your call center easy and agile, without depending on your agents' experience

What if you, as responsible for the Call Center in your company, could dramatically improve your diagnostics & resolution efficiency, focusing on the root cause of your customer problems and automating the path to resolution?

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With Schaman you will be able to:

Automate detection and resolution processes, simplifying your agents’ lifes
Reduce training needs and simplify the cycle, facilitating remote work
Ensure optimal agent performance from day one
Gain insight into global efficiency, measure KPIs with a 360 omnichannel view
Optimize your processes through learning
Understand the root causes behind your customers' problems and guide the organization to solve them so they don't happen again


Managing a call center with tens, hundreds or thousands of agents is not an easy task

Numerous challenges affect the evolution of the quality and efficiency of the customer service

Complexity of service scripts, tools and processes

  • Service scripts require a huge effort to keep up to date with the evolution of the company's products and processes. This complexity, added to the diversity of management tools, raises training costs and accentuates the difference in quality of care depending on the agent.
  • Lack of visibility on what the agents do in the resolution process.
  • Many times, it is very complex for call center managers to understand what happens in the detail of the operation, and what process each agent is following, because the results per agent are really disparate.

The migration to digital channels makes it difficult to see the customer's previous history in the call center and makes it difficult to understand efficiency metrics

Frequently, it is complex to provide the call center with efficient visibility of what is happening with customers on digital channels, limiting the quality of the end to end service.

Difficulty classifying incidences and understanding the root causes of customer problems

The vast majority of call centers still classify incidences manually by agents, which in most cases generates data of poor quality that limits the real understanding of the root causes. And again, that leads to a reliance on the different skills of each agent.


Schaman enables your organization to boost call center efficiency, creating added value experience for your agents, maximizing the value of automation through root cause focus


Automatically detect the cause of the interaction

Facilitate the work of your technicians and reduce their attention time directly by helping them find the root cause of the customer call. At the same time, it also reduces the customer effort.


Automatic personalized resolutions per customer

Schaman guides the agent through personalized resolutions in real time for each customer, based on the root cause of their problem and their previous history.


Log interactions in an automated way to gain insight into root causes

Schaman automatically records all the information available during the interaction with the customer, simplifying the life of the agent and allowing learning of new root causes.


Gain 360 visibility of omnichannel efficiency

Schaman provides you with 360 information on the omnichannel service process directly contextualizing the complete situation of the customer, simplifying this task for the agent. This capability also allows you to analyze the performance of the call center (or the different agents) within the overall efficiency of the process.