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Schaman + ChatGPT: a new paradigm in Customer Service See more

A unique concept, multiple use cases

Schaman's core capabilities, around the concept of root cause based automation, enable different and impactful use cases for our customers.


Digital Absorption

Do your customers still prefer to talk to an agent? Bring the quality from your best agent to your digital channels

Many self-service solutions only solve a small set of very simple issues, leaving a poor impression that makes adoption difficult. If you want to have the ability to serve your customers as your best agent from your digital and self-service channel, we tell you how.

Learn more about Digital Absorption

Call center optimization

Does the attention in your call center depend on the level of experience of your agents?

If your service processes are complex, require long training cycles for agents and extensive experience to ensure quality, this may interest you.

Learn how to avoid dependency


Do your customers have to chase you to get their problems solved? Switch to a proactive model and surprise them by anticipating their need

If you have the feeling that your customer is the first to know that there is a problem in your operation, take a read on this.

See how to implement proactivity

Root cause elimination

Is your organization focused on correcting problems or preventing them from happening at all?

If your objective is not only the efficiency of your call center, but also to reduce the number of root problems, this interests you.

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