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Digital Absorption

Selfcare and digital channels with the quality of your best agent

What if, you were able to solve consistently a wide range of customer issues across selfcare and digital channels, as your best call center agent does?

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With Schaman you will get the most out of your digital channels

Create a virtuous circle of self care absorption
Maximise the efficiency of digital channels without compromising the user experience
Reduce cost dramatically
Simplify the operation using a “channel agnostic” unified logic
Have a complete view of the resolution journey independently of the contact channel
Focus on learning about root causes and prevent contacts instead of reacting to them once a customer has suffered them


It’s clear that having an efficient self care and digital channel customer service and support is key

But it is not an easy task, initial gains are quickly overshadowed by new challenges that affect customer experience and overall efficiency.

Different processes per channel with no visibility and coordination

Most of the initial implementations have followed a vertical approach, creating independent logic silos per each one of the channel with limited visibility and end to end process control, making difficult to create consistent customer experience across channels , and adding complexity to e2e process management.

Selfcare and digital channel support only basic types of issues

The coverage of a more complex set of customer issues, represents in most of the cases an exponential increase in configuration demands (intents conversational flow, complex workflows, etc), impacting customer adoption.

Limited end to end traceability and learning

Adding new channels increase the complexity to understand the end to end customer journey during the path to resolution, preventing many companies from knowing the true and complete customer experience.


Schaman enables your company to boost selfcare and digital channels adoption

creating a seamless channel agnostic experience for your customers maximizing the value of automation and root cause focus.


Reduce the customer Effort

Automated predictive customer service facilitates the discovery of the customer issues minimizing the interaction with the customer and going straight to the point.


Offer personalized resolutions with full journey awareness

Schaman adapts in real time the proposed resolution to the customer journey data.


Publish in all your channels at once

Schaman uses a centralized intelligence and channel agnostic approach, to allow just publishing across channels of new root causes support. With no changes required in your current channels.


Gain visibility of the omnichannel path to resolution

In-depth knowledge of the root causes of your customers' contacts leads you directly to consider how you can anticipate them and prevent them from having to contact you.
Schaman helps you deepen your understanding of root causes, and allows you to easily create automated proactive policies that engage with your customers and solve potential issues in advance.