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Be proactive. Anticipate your customer needs.

What if you could anticipate to your customer needs and avoid future contacts or calls back? What if you knew what to do before a problem is detected by your customer?

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With Schaman you will be able to:

Introduce a proactive approach in your service processes to reduce contacts and improve the experience
Offer automatically personalized solutions for each customer and its context
Visualize how proactive policies are associated with corrective customer activity and measure the effectiveness of each


Implementing a proactive approach to attention is easy to say, but there are bumps in the road

The question of whether being proactive will generate more calls than it avoids

Many times we have seen how measures proposed by the service team are difficult to be implemented, due to doubts as to whether it will uncover a problem to the customer.

Complexity to create policies

Multiple departments or vendors are required to implement policies, slowing down implementation processes. Even more, if those policies are set independently per care channel.

Difficulty defining specific behaviors per customer based on their context in real time

It is often difficult to be able to define proactive policies due to the exceptions that we can find in the process, or the problems to customize that policy for each of the customers.

How to keep track of the results of proactive measures

It is normally challenging to be able to measure and understand what happens after launching a proactive policy and how it impacts the customer.


Schaman enables you to create proactive policies in a simple and direct way, offering a complete and unified environment to create, publish and analyze proactive activity


Easily create proactive policies with a powerful graphical configurator

Simple interface to create powerful proactive policies with access to all the data and actions available in the corrective customer service cycle.


Launch and execute policies on a per customer basis

Proactive schaman policies can be launched in multiple ways, including modes that depend on customer-specific context. Likewise, the execution of the policy is adjusted in real time to the situation of each customer, which allows you total control of the end-to-end service experience.


Automatic registration of proactive sessions per customer

Schaman records all the proactive activity of a customer within the global journey, allowing cross-management between proactive and corrective activities and thus allowing the effectiveness of each policy to be easily visualized.