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Learn about your root causes, discover new ones and prevent them for impacting your customers

What if your customer service tools would not only help to achieve differential resolution efficiency, but will also allow you to reduce the number of contacts?

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With Schaman you will be able to:

Gain visibility on your root causes to understand their origin
Discover new unknown root causes as customers start contacting about them
Help your back office teams improve and prioritize with clear customer insights


The daily management of a customer service is a highly stressful task where the main focus ends up being able to solve problems satisfactorily

Poor quality of information based on manual typing by call center agents

In many cases, customer contacts are manually typed by agents and that is the only information available on the source of the customer issue. The quality of this information is usually low, making detailed analysis very difficult.

Lack of automated data associated with the customer contact history log

Not having in real time the context data used during the customer service or the history of actions carried out, is a real challenge to understand what has really happened in that contact, whether we have solved the customer's problem or been efficient enough.

Difficulty in the joint work between the different areas of customer service, product and back office, for the investigation of root causes

This difficulty is usually motivated by the absence of structured data that allows understanding, from the perspective of the customer service, how the potential root causes have impacted the customer. This makes the information of each area unconnected and makes it difficult to create an improvement cycle, or to focus on the reduction of the problems that the customers suffer.


Schaman greatly facilitates collaboration between areas aimed at detecting and eliminating the root causes that generate the contact needs of customers


Automated insights for root cause analysis with auto-typing

Schaman automatically logs all customer interactions, moving toward root cause prediction and resolution analysis. It allows knowing the occurrence rate of each root cause, the efficiency of detection and resolution and the detailed characterization of the context of the customer in real time.


Helps to raise new root causes, by detecting anomalies

In those situations in which there is no root cause identified yet, Schaman applies palliative solutions and collects the information available during the care process in real time to infer a new root cause.


Reduce the impact on your customers with preventive automation

Apply preventive policies that anticipate and prevent root causes from impacting your customers.


Root cause oriented management

Understand the detailed origin of your customer contacts, analyze how mitigation measures impact and measure how known root causes are reduced, and the evolution of potential new root causes.