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From Reactive care to Proactive care

Detect and resolve issues in advance, anticipate customer contacts, get the most of digital channels, create memorable personal experiences and reduce costs at the same time with Schaman AI automated self-orchestration.

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Smart Technical Care

Understand each customer journey, automize, act proactively and learn

Reduce re-call volumes, simplify call center agents environments, boost your self-care digital channels, avoid unnecessary truck rolls and learn about what's really happening during your customer care journeys with personal AI self-orchestrated diagnosis and resolution.

Proactive Discovery

Anticipate customer complains with root cause detection and automated resolution

Preempt and avoid potential issues, by detecting anomalies and correcting them automatically, avoiding customers to even have to contact, maximizing customer satisfaction and drastically reducing Customer Care costs.

Key platform capabilities

Game changers to boost your customer experience

Automated diagnosis and resolution powered by personal
AI self-orchestration

Omnichannel e2e journey with centralized intelligence

Big Data analytics with complete journey context traceability

Anomaly detection and
proactive resolution

Open configuration and integration framework

Automated diagnosis and resolution powered by personal AI self-orchestration

Schaman automatically calculates optimum proactive and corrective diagnosis and resolution actions in real time to offer a seamless and coherent omnichannel experience from issue detection to final resolution.

Customer-specific context awareness, expert personal resolution and proactive care capabilities connect with customer perception to boost nps and brand value.

Omnichannel e2e journey with centralized intelligence

Schaman guides your human and digital channels to boost performance and to keep consistency and control during the e2e customer journey.

Keep your callcenter, ivr, apps, web, bots, field technicians, shops, etc. empowered and consistent during the technical care journey.

Big Data analytics with complete journey context traceability

Big Data Analytics will give you unprecedented visibility of technical care customer journeys insides.

After years of unworthy manual incident classification, Schaman automatically contextualizes contacts within the individual customer journeys.

Anomaly detection and proactive resolution

Schaman creates a new enriched big data set designed to boost correlation between customer affection and technical data unleashing a new set of anomaly detection capabilities.

When an anomaly is detected Schaman proactive resolution will initiate an autonomous resolution process maximizing customer experience and boosting efficiency.

Open configuration and integration framework

Enter a new dimension of agility with Schaman open configuration model, were months are transformed in hours.

Design your customer experience through customer histories, contact flows and journeys and publish to any channel in real time.

Integrate new services, devices or data sources with no affection to business logic.

A solid step in your digitization strategy to obtain measurable results in weeks

Quick Easy to deploy

Access to quick results in less than 3 months, reusing your current tools with our data source pre-integrations and out of the box configuration and use cases.

Boost your efficiency KPIs

Double digit impact in key efficiency indicators from day one. Increase selfcare resolution, reduce recalls, reduce truck rolls, increase early life, reduce CSR training spent and much more.

Captivate your customers and employees

Create memorable customer experiences that impact your NPS and brand positioning. Engage with your employees to maximize the power of people, process and tools working together.

One diagnosis CORE multiple use cases, UNLEASH your operational creativity

Learn how our customers get value from multiple use cases

Improving customer satisfaction while achieving significant eficiencies with automated diagnosis & resolution

Boost Efficiency and NPS Kpis by replacing legacy workflow base tools

Reducing early life complaints with advanced field service technical certification

Adding simplicity to the multi-brand operational challenge. One diagnosis core, multiple operational strategies

Technical care,

human spirit.

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