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The AI-BOT that solves beyond generic problems

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Millions of users already enjoy a differential quality of service

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Build customer loyalty with self-management, solving their requests and problems at the root

Understand the specific needs of your clients, combine them with real-time data and offer them the best personalized solution

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Satisfaction from personalization
Automatically solve more than 70% on your digital channels
Connect with your knowledge in real-time and solve without limits

Predictive resolution

Minimize questions to your clients or even resolve without asking.

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Use the data and simplify the contact by predicting the cause that originates it. Confirm with the client and resolve without further ado.



Offer each customer an experience optimized for them.

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Schaman calculates in real time the optimal virtual troubleshoot for each client, using the available data to solve in a personalized way.

Conversational AI with OPEN AI

Improve empathy in your resolutions with the most advanced technology and control.

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Schaman integrates OpenAI conversational technology to offer the ability to understand and generate natural language in a fully controlled way, within the context of your attention.


And of course, answer questions

Connect generic information to Schaman and automate the response to your clients' questions.

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Connect your static knowledge base, such as a blog, website or FAQs, to Schaman and automate the response to your customers' questions or requests.

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A 40% reduction in calls to the Call Center has been recorded thanks to the improvements implemented in customer self-management services, while the digital channel has achieved an increase of 20 points in the T-NPS (Net Promoter Score) , reflected in an improvement in the customer experience


Pablo Serrano

Head of Customer Fullfilment


Automations that optimize your agents' time and avoid errors

Prevent your agents from getting lost in systems and data they don't understand. Let Schaman detect problems immediately and determine the solution to apply in an automated way.

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Reduce errors and improve the homogeneity of your attention.
Achieve double-digit improvements in AHT.
Reduces agent training cycles by more than 80%.

Dynamic guidance

Stop using static workflows that your clients and agents don't like so much.

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In each service, Schaman automatically uses the available data to guide the agent on the shortest path of care.


Adaptive views per profile

Customize your resolution help console for each agent profile.

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First-level agents, agents specialized by functions, field technicians, loyalty agents, etc. Schaman allows you to create specific consoles for each profile with the capabilities they need.


Integrated with your CRM

Save your agents' time by connecting Schaman to your current service process.

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Schaman integrates with your CRM seamlessly. Create and update your tickets from automatic diagnostics, assign classifications without human bias, and access from a single integrated screen.


“Thanks to our strategic collaboration with Schaman and its root cause-based AI technology, we have achieved double-digit improvements in our KPIs clients' service. By reducing time per call and increasing first-call resolutions, we have simplified the lives of Contact Center agents while increasing end-customer satisfaction.”

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Marcelo Leixelard

General Manager of SIXBELL CX


Design personalized care experiences in a simple and scalable way

Let AI Root Cause Orchestration technology work for you, don't get lost in endless workflows

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Customize resolution per client in a simple and scalable way
Centralized logic for an omnichannel experience
With full visibility of the resolution efficiency.

Problems and root cause map

Forget about unmanageable workflows and manage your process from knowledge

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With Schaman you will be able to manage your service process from knowledge, understanding what is behind customer interactions and how efficient you are in resolving each one of them.


Codeless setup

If you have the information you can use it, put us to the test.

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Use all that information you're collecting to create amazing care processes. Connect information sources directly to Schaman without code, just through configuration. If you want to see how easy it is, put us to the test.


One logic for all your channels

Use automation in any channel and maintain the coherence of your resolution process.

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Integrate Schaman's resolution capabilities into both your digital and assisted channels.


Data-based management

Improve your resolution ability from data.

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Every interaction in Schaman generates a valuable set of data that you can export to your BI or analyze directly from the Schaman Analytics application.


Proactive monitoring

Avoid the dissatisfaction of repeated complaints.

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If there is a bad experience as a user, it is having to complain again about something that was supposedly already fixed.

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"In a multi-brand environment and multiple systems, Schaman has been key in simplifying and automating customer service processes. The simplicity of configuration and the agility of carrying out integrations with multiple systems have allowed us to separate the complexity of the processes and systems of our agents”“ 


Miguel Pérez

Head of Customer Processes, Systems & Tools


Let AI identify unknown problems to continue improving your operation

Use Schaman clustering technologies to discover significant patterns as the origin of still unknown problems.

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Quantify what you don't know.
Identify patterns from the data.
Characterizes the customer's intention.

Consider how much you don't know

Identify what you don't know as a starting point for improvement.

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What happens when a client reports a problem for which you do not have a standard solution? Schaman allows you to manage this knowledge and apply palliative solutions, but most importantly learn to be able to identify it.


Data clustering

Discover, through clustering technologies, new patterns in historical data.

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Schaman with each customer interaction stores the main parameters collected during it. This data is subsequently processed by our clustering algorithms to detect patterns that can help us find the root causes of the contacts.


Intent Clustering

Use clustering algorithms to identify customer trends from intents

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With each customer interaction, Schaman collects the customer's description of the problem. This information is processed by our clustering algorithms to find what clients express in each type of situation and most importantly how it correlates with the data collected in real time.


Automate the resolution of new CRs

Continuously improve your service.

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Don't let your clients' problems grow without your control. Identify new problems in your operation as soon as possible thanks to AI and provide the best resolution directly and easily, for any channel.

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“Many AI solutions in customer service, such as the NBA, offer obvious improvements in their operations, but do not really add value in understanding the origin of the interaction. Schaman’s AI RootCause technology, in addition to providing major operational improvements, reveals the real source of the problem to prevent it from happening again.”


Eduardo Belda

CEO of Schaman