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We present to you a new concept: Root Cause based Customer Service

What if you could immediately detect the real reason a customer is calling you, without asking? Serve your customers with unprecedented efficiency in your customer service, and what is even more important, understand the root cause of the contacts and prevent them from happening again.

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"More than 30 million customers already benefit from differential service. Boost the satisfaction of your customers, and join Root Cause Customer Service"

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Our customers are taking their Service Experience to another level

55 %

AHT/TMO reduction

44 %

Customer Ticket Reduction

+380 %

IVR Resolution

+76 %

Selfcare Resolution

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Go beyond the best personalized resolution

Schaman helps you predict in real time the root cause of the customer contact, offering the best customized resolution, in an automatic way. This allows your digital channels to multiply their resolution capacity, and your agents to be much more effective.

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But Schaman goes further.The software allows your organization to work proactively to eliminate the root cause and prevent them from affecting more customers in the future.

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Automatic root cause prediction

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Personalized resolution according to the customer's journey

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Learning and Analytics

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A centralized logic, published in any channel

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A unique concept, multiple use cases

Schaman's core capabilities, around the concept of root cause based automation, enable different and impactful use cases for our customers.


Learn how our customer get value from multiple use cases

“Schaman is a key piece in our path towards standardization and automation of the Customer Service processes. In an environment as complex as the one we have in the MASMOVIL Group, with different systems for each brand, multiple access technologies with own and third-party fiber networks, and with an evolution of our products, the power of the schaman's self-orchestration, the simplicity of configuration and the agility to carry out integration with multiple systems, have allowed us to abstract from all that complexity to our agents.“

Miguel Pérez Head of Customer Processes, Systems & Tools del Grupo MASMOVIL

“Schaman has been a great contribution in reducing management times for our clients' technical problems, as well as providing greater data insights of the technical performance of our installed services. In summary, it has been a great contribution to increase our resoluteness in Internet issues of our Home care platforms.”

Marta Elena Carrasco Astete Head of Call Center operations