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A homogeneous Customer Service while changing a core system is possible

If I had to point out the main aim I've heard recently from customer service directors, I would undoubtedly say it's automation. Another thing I often hear is that they want to wait until all systems (CRM, ticketing, billing, etc.) and technology are consolidated before implementing it. After all, this is a fundamental part of customer service, and automation is no easy task (or so they say).

Another option not often considered and has proven successful (just ask our customer MASMOVIL Group) is to start automation with the existing systems and move in both directions simultaneously. Although it may seem complicated, a tool with self-orchestration technology like Schaman can make the tool consolidation process much easier for agents and more consistent for customers.

Thanks to our ability to abstract information and Schaman's ease of connecting to systems, we can coexist with different CRMs, ticketing systems, etc., underneath, keeping this complexity hidden from the agent and maintaining a continuous level of service quality regardless of changes in the systems.

To mention some of the benefits of this second option: 

  • The ability to benefit from the automation of technical support and open question processes from the very beginning, both in the call center and digital channels.

  • Initiating a cultural change in agent management, shifting from serving in a less structured way and depending on multiple screens to using a single screen following an automated and guided resolution process.

  • Agents won't notice the successive changes that will be made to the company's core systems.

And you might wonder, is it complicated to integrate all systems to change/modify/adjust them again? It's clear that we're going to tell you that with Schaman, it's very straightforward and wonderful, which is why we believe that in the words of Miguel Pérez, Head of Customer Processes, Systems & Tools of MASMOVIL Group, these words are worth twice as much: "The power of Schaman's self-orchestration, the simplicity of configuration, and the agility to carry out integration with multiple systems have allowed us to abstract our agents from all that complexity."

Schaman has shown to provide a qualitative leap in service standardization, which translates directly into quality and customer satisfaction. All of this with a higher degree of independence regarding the consolidation and evolution plans of other core systems, such as CRM, ticketing, billing, BSS, OSS, etc.

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