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3 cons and many pros of Generative AI in customer service

Generative Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that aims to create and generate content from existing data. Despite being with us since the last century, it is now, thanks to ChatGPT, that it is realizing its full potential and, although we know there are many applications, numerous doubts arise when implementing it.

What are the cons and how can we address them? Is it safe or could it end up recommending our competitors?

  • Privacy regulations: While it is true that we must be careful in choosing who we work with, both Schaman and our generative AI provider strictly comply with GDPR data protection regulations at the European level, and we have signed a DPA with our providers to ensure compliance.

  • Reliability: As mentioned, generative AI generates content from existing data and many sources, which can make the information inaccurate or unverified. Schaman ensures that the information is accurate, personalized, and real-time.

  • Brand coherence and values: Schaman will act as a "barrier" to ensure that all the information from the Generative AI is aligned with your company. It will not recommend vacation destinations or restaurants (unless you are a travel agency) and will not recommend competitors.


Knowing that the cons can be addressed, what are the pros of using Generative AI in customer service?

  • Agent-like text/conversation, multilingual, and 24/7: You will avoid rigid or dehumanized information. You will not have time restrictions and will have the ability to provide support in all languages.

  • Automation of quick and accurate responses: This prevents your agents from wasting time on repetitive or low-value tasks.

  • Multichannel integration and scalability: Improves homogeneity throughout your customer service by being able to operate through any channel. Additionally, its capacity can increase indefinitely, without compromising its operation as the company's demands grow.

  • Analytical capacity: You can collect and analyze customer service conversation data in real-time. This allows companies to quickly and efficiently identify problems and improvement opportunities.

  • Cost and response time reduction: Automating repetitive tasks and providing instant responses significantly reduces operating costs and response times. This allows companies to allocate their resources more efficiently.

Knowing all this, is it worthwhile to add Generative AI to my customer service?

It seems obvious that the answer is YES, but with caution. Generative AI well-utilized in customer service, will likely also lead to an increase in customer loyalty, as customers will choose again the company that demonstrates the most effectiveness when they need it.

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