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Discover why we are called Schaman and the meaning of our logo

3…2…1… magic! It might seem like it, however, it is not a trick but a disruptive technology capable of knowing what is happening to the customer in real-time: it is Schaman. Do you want to know our history? Discover in this article the origin of our name and the meaning of our logo.

The origin of our name: Schaman

The shaman in different cultures is known as the "bringer of predictions, summoner of spirits, and healer of evils. "This is a person with the special ability to predict evils through the understanding of emotions and knowledge of natural medicine. 

origen schaman

At this point, we inherit the etymological root of our name Schaman referring to the ability to predict situations and interpret information to offer the most efficient solution. 

While our technology works in an automated and predictive way, you can actively listen, empathize with the reality of each client, and establish an emotional relationship for the future.”

The isotype: a techno-human fusion

Until very recently, hearing the "techno-human" concept seemed somewhat futuristic. But the reality is that with the advances in Artificial Intelligence, this concept is increasingly associated with the possibilities technology brings to people for their benefit. 

It may be paradoxical to humanize care through AI technology. However, nothing could be further from the truth. With Schaman, a connection is created between the client, the company, and the agent, turning the tool into an ally that simplifies the lives of the three actors in customer service. 

In this way, the brand presents a positive transformation that combines the intrinsic power of the human factor, with the mission of improving quality and efficiency in customer service processes, putting technology at the service of people. 

This is how our isotype was born, which emerges as a visual cycle that is born from a circle and a square in its center, advancing until drawing a final "S" associated with the brand name: Schaman.Schaman-logo-animado
Looking in detail, we can observe a point of visual balance. The first circle that appears centered represents the “beginning”, made up of people and emotions. In turn, it is located in the center of six squares, which refer to data and technology. 

In the same way, we observe how the square that emerges from the center appears surrounded by six other circles, this time associated with the human dimension around technology. 

The resulting isotype presents a relationship with its character and personality, very much in line with Schaman's motto: "technical core, human spirit", reinforcing the techno-human fusion in the customer service sector, reflecting the coexistence of both elements in harmony.

Schaman's values, the face of the team

As users of products and services, we experience the upheaval when something goes wrong and the time and energy we spend. That's why at Schaman we want to help our clients create better care experiences and, above all, root out problems so they don't happen again.

Our mandate is to offer service providers the appropriate resources to deliver satisfying experiences and treat their customers as people, not mere numbers. For this reason, Schaman comprises a team of people passionate about technology and extensive experience in the customer service sector, who represent the brand's values. Are: 

  • Committed: We earn trust with commitment and results
  • Disruptive: We think beyond the obvious
  • Agile: We make processes simple
  • Empathic: We believe in people

The basis of our proposal is born from these principles, which evolve to improve customer service processes in a more human, more empathetic, and more efficient way. Do you want to help reduce problems in Customer Service?

At Schaman we are growing, join our team. 

And the thing is... What is technology for if it is not to help people?

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