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How to make agent's life easier with Schaman's AI

The Demanding role of the Call Center agent

In the fast-paced world of customer service, few roles are as challenging as that of the Call Center agent. Behind the friendly voices and problem-solving responses lies a complex and stressful reality. 

Traditional customer support systems have evolved with the aim of streamlining and simplifying the process, but they have not exempted agents from certain technical knowledge that grows as operations expand. Issue resolution has become a delicate balance of technical skills, empathy, and efficiency. 

Each call, each chat inquiry, brings forth a new challenge. From connectivity problems to deep technical queries, agents confront a diverse spectrum of issues presented by customers. Conventional customer service tools maintain a scenario where agents must not only be experts in the art of communication and empathy but also in technical aspects related to the products and services they offer.

This not only adds complexity to the agent's work but also increases stress levels. Agents are caught between the pressure to provide quick and effective solutions (to meet the famous Call Center KPIs) and the need to understand and resolve customer issues in real-time.

AI technology for the agent

Schaman, an AI-driven Customer Service tool, aims to change the way incidents and customer requests are addressed fundamentally. It does so by focusing on the root cause of the customer's problem, rather than the symptomatic approach of traditional tools.

Traditional customer service tools propose the use of static workflows that are complex to maintain and that also fail to address the root problem. Instead, they force the agent to navigate through the customer's issue symptoms. When a customer presents a particular situation or expresses symptoms differently, the workflow doesn't resolve the problem, putting the burden of resolution back on the agent. 

An experienced agent with technical knowledge might eventually solve the issue (after keeping the customer on the call for a prolonged period), but a less experienced agent will struggle to understand the customer's problem's cause and how to solve it. This leads to frustration for the customer and stress for the agent. 

Schaman employs artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the problem description and automatically orchestrate both the root cause diagnosis and the optimal resolution for the customer. It does so by connecting to the service provider's real-time information sources, eliminating the need for customer explanations or agent information system searches. 


Schaman organizes all its knowledge around a root cause database, providing intelligence to the system. This eliminates the need for technical knowledge on the agent's part and drastically reduces resolution times, making the agent's life easier.

Farewell to the need for agent technical training

The impact of Schaman is profound and transformative. Firstly, it reduces the need for lengthy and costly technical training for agents. The tool possesses intelligence and applies its knowledge to support processes. Agents no longer need to be experts in all technical aspects, allowing them to focus on interpersonal skills and creating meaningful customer connections. This not only reduces agent stress and workload but also enhances the customer experience by providing accurate and efficient responses.  

Using this technology, the training time for Contact Center agents has been reduced from 5 weeks to 4 days, while ensuring consistent service regardless of the agent and their time in the company.

The satisfaction of rapid problem resolution for customers

Schaman accelerates the problem-resolution process. Artificial intelligence can quickly analyze large volumes of data and provide consistent solutions in a matter of seconds. What used to take time and resources is now drastically reduced, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and greater support team productivity.

Thus, calls that used to last 5 or 10 minutes can be resolved in just over a minute thanks to the automation of diagnosis and resolution of the customer's root cause issue. 

Moreover, Schaman is not limited to a single interaction. The tool has the ability to learn and improve over time, meaning each interaction and resolution contributes to its growth and accumulated knowledge. The more interactions it handles, the more precise and efficient it becomes, creating a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement.

The life of a Call Center agent is complex and challenging, but technology is opening doors to innovative solutions. Schaman not only automates the problem-solving process but also reshapes the dynamics between agents and customers. By freeing agents from the need to be technical experts and providing quick and accurate responses, Schaman paves the way for more efficient and human customer service.

Do you want to see how it works? Contact us and request a Demo!

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