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Vodafone's digital leap in customer service: a success story with Schaman

Vodafone Spain has transformed its customer service through a digitalization strategy in collaboration with Schaman, establishing new standards in the telecommunications sector.

This change has redefined the way the company interacts with its customers, also noticing an optimization in its internal operations.

Through this article, we will explore the process we followed with Vodafone Spain to achieve a significant improvement in the customer experience and how this success story can serve as inspiration for other companies.

The initial challenge

Vodafone, aware of the growing demand for digital services, faced the challenge of digitizing its customer service while maintaining the quality and efficiency of the service.

The need to reduce calls to the call center, increase the resolution of queries through digital channels, and offer the customer the freedom to choose their preferred service channel posed a complex challenge.

This situation presented certain risks due to the obligation to replace processes and applications previously established and in use by the company and the diversity of services and processes (Fixed, Internet, Mobile, TV, etc.)

The strategic approach

With this starting point, we began to collaborate as a strategic partner of Vodafone Spain and designed a strategy based on an intelligent omnichannel proposal.

This proposal not only automates diagnoses by interacting in real-time with Vodafone systems but also makes it possible to precisely identify the root of queries or problems presented by customers.

The implementation of a customized solution

To ensure a seamless connection with Vodafone's already established infrastructure, our technology was directly integrated, allowing seamless communication between the various platforms and applications used by the company.

This approach allowed us to collect efficient and secure data, facilitating detailed analysis and subsequent resolution of customer incidents.

Schaman's solution lies in its service logic, which ranges from WhatsApp and chatbots to applications and interactive voice response (IVR) systems, offering Vodafone users a consistent and fluid experience regardless of the channel chosen to make their query. 

By focusing on detecting and resolving the root cause of each problem, we can effectively address simple questions and address deeper complications automatically.

The impact on Vodafone Spain

The collaboration with Schaman has allowed Vodafone Spain to achieve impressive results. The 40% reduction in call center calls and 20-point increase in customer satisfaction (T-NPS) are testament to the positive impact of these improvements.

Beyond the numbers, a significant improvement has been achieved in the efficiency of customer service processes, performing more than 500 automatic diagnoses in just 30 seconds.

The implementation has been a cornerstone of Vodafone's customer service strategy, allowing it to not only divert an average of 860,000 activities per month towards digital channels but also improve the adaptability and quality of its services. The availability of the service has reached a notable 99.8%, evidencing the robustness and reliability of the implemented solution.

Vodafone Spain's digital transformation in its customer service is a clear example of how technology, applied strategically, can generate significant changes in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

If you want to learn how Schaman could optimize your company's customer service, we invite you to schedule a call with our team. Together, we can explore how to adapt to your specific needs to achieve results similar to those of Vodafone Spain.

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