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Unlocking the power of AI: 3 steps to automation strategy in Customer Service

In the realm of automation powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the buzzwords may change, but the fundamentals remain constant: go back to basics. There are 3 steps to automation strategy in Customer Service, and the key is starting by asking ourselves three fundamental questions:

1. What are we automating, and does it serve a purpose? Before diving headfirst into automation, it's crucial to assess the efficacy of the process we're aiming to automate. Are we solving problems efficiently, or merely scratching the surface with simplistic solutions? Many bots offer basic functionalities, but true automation should deliver quality resolutions, ensuring sufficient problem-solving capabilities.

2. Would the customer come back for more? Beyond solving immediate issues, the true mark of successful automation lies in customer satisfaction. Are we providing an experience compelling enough for customers to return? Building trust and satisfaction through automated interactions is paramount to encourage repeat usage and foster confidence in automated assistance.

3. Where do we envision our customers experiencing this automation? Expanding the reach of automated assistance requires strategic placement across various touchpoints. Can we maximize the potential of automation across digital channels to enhance its efficacy? Elevating automated support capabilities across multiple customer interactions amplifies its problem-solving prowess and ensures a seamless customer experience.

AI for enhanced customer experience

When it comes to customer experience, not all approaches are created equal.

  • On one hand, there are menu-driven interactions, such as those seen in current chat conversations on platforms like WhatsApp. While these menus offer a structured approach, they often lead to confusion as customers navigate through various options, struggling to pinpoint the most relevant solution to their problem.

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  • On the other hand, there's Schaman—a paradigm shift in automated assistance. With Schaman, customers can express their issues directly, bypassing the need for cumbersome menu navigation. Leveraging AI, Schaman not only understands the problem but also orchestrates a tailored solution seamlessly and autonomously.

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So, what sets one form of automated assistance apart from the other? The key lies in the fusion of real-time data and real-time customer understanding—a potent combination that drives unparalleled effectiveness in addressing customer needs.

In conclusion, the journey towards embracing AI-driven automation transcends mere technological adoption; it represents a fundamental shift towards prioritizing the needs and experiences of customers. At Schaman, the utilization of AI-based technology for automation isn't merely a trend but a strategic decision aimed at streamlining customer service operations.

The crux of successful implementation lies in adhering to a structured approach encapsulated by the three fundamental steps outlined earlier. By ensuring that automated processes possess the capability to effectively solve problems, Schaman not only simplifies operations but also lays the groundwork for designing seamless customer experiences across various channels. This customer-centric approach not only enhances the efficiency of business operations but also paves the way for scalable growth, as the benefits of automation extend beyond mere optimization to fostering lasting relationships with customers.

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