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The key to improving customer service agent satisfaction

Agent's role: vital for satisfaction but tough due to challenges

Despite, in many cases, a lack of recognition, customer service agents play a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining the reputation of a company. A day in the life of a customer service agent is filled with diverse challenges and responsibilities. Those often lead to high turnovers. At the end of the day, dealing with irate or difficult customers is not easy.

You or your company may relate to the next two paragraphs but, I want you to know in advance, there is a simpler and more efficient way to do it.

Empower agents with automatic issue diagnosis & resolution.

Customer service agents spend a significant portion of their time responding to customer inquiries and solving issues through email or digital channels. These inquiries can range from simple product queries to complex complaints. They may use knowledge bases or internal resources to find solutions, escalating issues to supervisors or other departments when necessary. 

But, to handle the most demanding aspect of their job, the incoming calls from customers, agents must possess in-depth knowledge of the company's products or services and have access to relevant information to provide accurate and helpful responses. 

While reading this, you may have thought about long and hard training, workflows, and, probably, a diverse set of tools to check the info, but, wouldn’t it be a game changer to have an automatic diagnosis and resolution of the issues? 

The agent will no longer have to guess a problem based on the symptoms experienced by the customer. Thanks to an automatic diagnosis and resolution tool like Schaman, he will know in real time the cause of the problem and will be able to solve it, whatever the channel chosen by the customer is. 

Managing customer issues by having an automatic solution at hand gives peace of mind as there is no need for agents to hold all the information in their heads, nor will they have multiple systems to check information against, just one.

Enhancing customer experience and company efficiency together

Perhaps, while talking about improving the quality of life of customer service agents, we may have overlooked two key players in all this, the customers and the company.

  • You've probably been a customer waiting for a response from customer service. How wonderful would it be to have an instant response and solution without even needing to explain your problem?

  • On the other hand, your company has KPIs to achieve. Having a tool that diagnoses and resolves automatically, how easy would it be to increase NPS if you could reduce handling times? How would it be beneficial for your company to increase first contact resolution? How much would agent training and turnover be reduced if they only had one tool to manage and automate a large part of their work?

This way, customer service agents could focus on other tasks that provide more value.



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