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How can you benefit from the advantages of multi-channel customer service with Schaman?

In a world where immediacy and personalization are not a luxury but a necessity, offering customer service that not only meets but exceeds expectations has become a priority for companies.

This is where multichannel customer service comes into play, which seeks to facilitate the customer experience when interacting with the company. But what does this mean in practice and how can Schaman be your best ally on this journey?

In the following article, you will discover the advantages of expanding your service channels and how you can achieve it effectively and without headaches.

What is multichannel customer service?

Imagine that each customer service channel is a door. The more doors you have open, the easier it is for your users to contact you. This includes traditional ones such as telephone or email, and also social networks, chatbots, and WhatsApp.

Multichannel customer service is about offering multiple doors, ensuring that they all lead to a satisfying and consistent experience.

The advantages of multiplying your service channels

24/7 Availability

Not all your clients operate on the same schedule. Some are night owls, others early risers. Multi-channel support ensures that no matter the clock, there's always a way to reach you.

Personal preferences

Each client has their preferred channel of communication and by offering diversity you show respect for their preferences. Some call your Call Center by phone or others directly write through an instant messaging app. By being present in all of them, you make it easier for the user to interact with you.

Efficiency and speed

Different channels allow for better distribution of queries and although the number of questions may be greater, with a properly integrated customer support system, a much more efficient customer service process can be achieved, regardless of how many channels your company has a presence on.

Reduction of response times

By integrating multichannel customer support, you diversify contact channels and optimize response times, reducing bottlenecks and improving customer satisfaction.

Schaman's role in your multichannel strategy

Discover how Schaman becomes not only an ally, but a fundamental pillar to revolutionize your customer service:

  • Frictionless integration: Schaman seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and tools, ensuring the transition to a multi-channel strategy. We take care of all the technical assembly so that you can only enjoy its advantages!
  • Root Cause-Based Automation: What if we told you that Schaman can reduce your customers' effort by determining the root cause of their query in over 60% of cases? Less time asking, more time-solving.
  • Consistency across channels: The customer experience remains consistent whether they contact you by phone or through a chatbot on your website. Schaman maintains centralized control, ensuring a consistent experience on all fronts.
  • Maximum proactivity: With Schaman, you can anticipate your customer's needs, creating automated policies that resolve problems before they even arise. Isn't that like having a crystal ball?
  • Personalization in communication: Schaman's ability to offer personalized responses in real-time, based on the customer's history and preferences, takes service quality to the next level.
  • Learning and continuous improvement: Every interaction is a learning opportunity. Schaman captures and analyzes this data to help you constantly improve your service.

Leaping multichannel customer service with Schaman is easier than you think. The key is to know your current channels, understand your customers' preferences and, of course, have a technological ally that simplifies this process.

Don't be left behind. It's time to open all those doors. Do you want to make your company's customer service more efficient? Schedule a quick call with our team and find out how we can transform your customer service together.

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