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From the expert's head to Schaman's brain: how to feed Schaman with expert's knowledge

From a mess of symptoms to centralized Root Cause resolutions

As you may know, Schaman allows you to move from symptom-based diagnostics to automatic Root Cause detection, eliminating unnecessary questions to your customers, and tackling the problem at its root, preventing it from returning. 

Instead of telling your thousands of agents, thousands of times how processes are performed, and how incidents are resolved... why don't you tell Schaman once, and let him centralize all your resolution intelligence? Let Schaman guide your agents and set the guidelines for resolutions in your unattended channels! 

But... how do you tell Schaman how to detect and resolve your incidents, the Root Causes of your problems? Let's see how you can very quickly explain to Schaman the whole process, and let Schaman guide, in a centralized way, the diagnoses and resolutions in all your channels, attended or not!

Classifying and diving into the underlying problems

First of all, Schaman helps you classify your problems, and your Root Causes, categorized and grouped by those with similar symptoms from the customer side. For example, billing increases, or shipping problems, or slow internet speed. 

On the left-hand side of the screen, you would have these problems categorized, and on the right-hand side, for each of them, the possible Root Causes that can cause it, underneath.

Preview images en RRSS (8)

As we can see in the picture, a single customer issue can have completely different root causes inducing that issue. If the wifi connection interferences are causing the low speed, the solution is different from the one in case the customer has downgraded speed because of a non-payment situation. Schaman automates the diagnosis of the real root cause, but at the same time executes the best resolution for that specific cause

From the expert's head to Schaman's brain

To configure each Root Cause, we will have to define 3 essential points:

  1. The results of the analysis of the systems let us know that this (and not any other of the possible) is the Root Cause of the customer's problem.

  2. The resolution path for the Root Cause: actions, messages (these can be customizable per channel) and process validations to be carried out, for the Root Cause to be solved, and prevent it to come back again.

  3. Channels in which we want to publish the Root Cause. Usually, our customers first publish in the Call Centre, and once they are confident that the agent's manual action is not necessary, they take it to unattended channels.

Preview images en RRSS (7)-2

Quick, easy, convenient, and… centralized

These processes can be done without programming, just using drop-downs and Drag&Drop blocks, and without relying on Schaman or Development teams to create new Root Causes, or modify existing ones. 

This way, by just telling Schaman how the Root Cause is diagnosed and resolved, all your agents and unserved channels will provide the customer with the experience they would have had if they had been served by your best agent

In addition, the entire process is done once for all channels, in a consistent and centralized way, and without the need for programming or coding.

Do you want to see how it works? Contact us and request a Demo!

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